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    (p, q)-calculus; Apostol-Bernoulli polynomials; Apostol-Euler polynomials; Apostol-Genocchi polynomials; Stirling numbers of second kind; Generating function; Cauchy product [1]
    (p,q)-Calculus, Hermite polynomials, Bernstein polynomials, Generating function, Hyperbolic functions [1]
    (p,q)-calculus; Apostol-Bernoulli polynomials; Apostol-Euler polynomials; generating function [1]
    (p,q)-Calculus; Bernoulli Polynomials; Euler Polynomials; Generating Function; Genocchi Polynomials; q-Calculus [1]
    (p-q)-Bernoulli polynomials; (p-q)-Euler polynomials; (p-q)-Genocchi polynomials; (p-q)-Frobenius-Euler polynomials; generating function; Cauchy product [1]
    (psi - alpha)-Meir-Keeler-Khan mappings; partial metric spaces; fixed point [1]
    -calculusBernoulli polynomialsStirling numbersDaehee polynomials-Daehee polynomials-adic -integral on -adic number [1]
    3-variable Hermite-Frobenius-Euler polynomials; 3-variable Hermite-Frobenius-Genocchi polynomials; Differential equations; Integral equations. [1]
    3D body scanning; gender and size classification; digi-tailor mannequin robots; supervised learning; fit advising [1]
    3D lip movement modelling; mathematical modelling; depth information analysis; cosine function fitting; human-computer interaction [1]
    3D reconstruction; global consistency; loop closure correction; Iterative Closest Point; Proportional Error Back-propagation [1]
    A. Ceramic–matrix compositesB. Environmental degradationB. StrengthC. Computational modelingOptimization [1]
    Acid mine drainage [1]
    Açık Arşiv [1]
    Açık Erişim [1]
    Adaptive colour reduction; Image compression; Block processing; Colour image processing [1]
    Adaptive filters; Sparsity; Zero attracting; System Identification [1]
    Addiction prevention training program; Technology addiction; Tobacco addiction; Alcohol addiction; Drug addiction; Healthy living [1]
    Addiction; Risk and protective factors; Life skills [1]
    ADHD; atomoxetine; methylphenidate; medication trends [1]